Ohio Self-Insured Retention Attorneys

Like all other major business decisions, the purchase of insurance coverage for your company requires analysis of costs and risks versus benefits. Many commercial and general liability (CGL) policies contain self-insured retention (SIR) provisions, which essentially impose a very high deductible — often in the million-dollar range — before coverage "kicks in." This means that if you face any type of liability claim or lawsuit, you must hire your own law firm to defend against losses up to that dollar amount.

Insurance Defense And Damage Control For Other Companies Require The Same Skill Set

At Gallagher, Gams, Pryor, Tallan & Littrell, L.L.P., in Columbus, we are known first and foremost as a premier insurance defense firm practicing statewide throughout Ohio. All five of our named partners have more than 30 years of experience in this complex area of law, and our firm is a go-to resource for many prominent insurance carriers. Our lawyers' in-depth knowledge of applicable statutes, investigative techniques and defense strategies can be a difference-making asset for your non-insurance business as well.

Decades Of Trial Experience Across The Spectrum Of Liability Defense

We have tried well over 1,000 cases and favorably settled thousands more through adept case building and direct negotiation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR). You can depend on close alignment with your goals and rigorous protection of your company's financial interests and reputation in a case involving, for example:

  • A products liability claim alleging injuries were caused by equipment or goods you provided
  • A premises liability claim arising from a serious fall or other accident on your commercial property
  • Personal injury or wrongful death litigation after a serious auto accident involving one of your company-owned trucks or other vehicles
  • Any other type of injury-causing accident allegedly caused by an employee's negligence or criminal conduct, including an act of assault, abuse or molestation
  • A claim that your company has breached a contract, created a physical hazard as a contractor or engaged in unfair competition (sometimes labeled tortious interference) harmful to another business

We welcome inquiries from business owners, risk managers, in-house counsel and other company representatives based anywhere who have a need for stellar legal representation in Ohio. Our attorneys stand prepared to put our legal acumen and network of expert resources to work immediately on your defense. For a consultation, call or contact us by email anytime.